Designing Your Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A place to escape from the chaos of work, kids and life in general, it’s so important to get it right. Here are our top tips for achieving the perfect look and feel.


Positioning your bed against the main wall of the bedroom is a popular choice, but it isn’t the only one. Think about moving your bed to get more space or a better view. Always make sure that there’s enough room for getting around the bed, and space for dressing (unless you have a separate dressing room!). Try to avoid placing the wardrobe too close to the door as it makes the room feel smaller.


The right lighting is crucial to every room, and the bedroom is no exception. Make sure light switches can be reached easily, and use lamps if you need to so that you don’t risk stubbing your toe while feeling your way back to bed in the dark!

For that luxurious hotel-feel, consider installing pendant lighting on a three-way switch so that you can control the lights from the comfort of your own bed – this’ll also give mean more space on your bedside tables.


A clutter-free bedroom is key to a restful night’s sleep, so when planning your bedroom, don’t overlook the importance of storage. Think about the internal layout of your wardrobe – hanging rails are useful, clever use of shelves and drawers may provide more usable space. If more space is needed, consider an Ottoman bed, which is perfect for storing clothes between seasons.

The bed

The key component of any bedroom, before buying a new bed think about how you use it. Is it purely for sleeping, or do you often sit up in bed to read or watch TV? If so, an upholstered headboard may be more comfortable than a wooden or metal frame; choose a luxurious oversized one to really make a statement.

Bedside tables

Far from being an afterthought, bedside tables can really help to bring the ‘look’ of your bedroom together – consider purchasing them in a contrast colour to add some interest to the room. Think about what you’re going to store in them; if you’re likely to need to rummage through them while sitting in bed make sure you buy drawers rather than a cupboard as they’ll be easier to access.


The first thing you’ll step on in the morning and the last thing that your toes will touch at night, bedroom flooring will help set the tone for your day as well as put you in the right mood for a good night’s sleep. The most popular choice of bedroom flooring is carpet – choose a lovely thick pile and underlay (at least 9-10mm) for that feeling of sumptuous extravagance.

Window dressings

If you’re someone who finds yourself disturbed by the sun, hang curtains with black out linings to make sure you catch maximum zzzzs! But many people enjoy waking up to a room filled with natural light, in which case a lighter fabric will be perfect – ask your designer for their advice on how to achieve your desired effect.

Bed dressings

Bed dressings

Bed dressings are the cause of many marital disagreements, with men in particular struggling to appreciate the appeal of the cushion. Keep it simple with just four cushions and a lovely throw – the bed will look sumptuous, but it won’t take too long to make and unmake. Use plain bedding to create a high-end feel.

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