Featured on Houzz for U-shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchens don’t have to be small, stuffy and cluttered. With the right planning, design know-how and a sprinkling of clever, purpose-built appliances, it’s possible to create a very neat and functional kitchen.

This month we’ve been featured on the Houzz website in an article about designing the ideal U-shaped kitchen. The article makes reference to the work we did on a split-level apartment in Covent Garden.

U-shaped kitchens can sometimes be tricky to work with due to their (often) limiting space and lighting options. However, with the right choice of cabinetry, complementary features and considered lighting options all tailored to your space, just about anyone can have a kitchen that doubles up as both visually appealing and an efficient use of space.

The kitchen of the Covent Garden flat wasn’t overly spacious. So our first point of call was to knock through from the living and dining area to immediately introduce more natural light. We married that with a set of artificial LED lights under the cabinet runs and four recessed ceiling lights to help brighten the entire area, without cluttering the space, and establishing an aura of openness. Curved-corner cabinets were also introduced that not only gave a stylish, organic look (perfect for this client), but also ensured that not a millimetre of storage space was wasted.

See the full U-shaped kitchens article on the Houzz website, or read our case study on the work completed for the Covent Garden flat.

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