How Thoughtful Design Unlocks the Functionality of a Space

Nestled in the vibrant heart of London’s theatre district, adjacent to the iconic Covent Garden, lies a unique split-level apartment. 

My clients, seeking a dual-purpose space for business entertaining and family gatherings, approached me to breathe new life into this once-tired, ex-rental property.

The Challenge:

The apartment, primarily aimed at hosting business associates and providing a family-friendly space for my clients and their four older children, had several drawbacks. 

It featured a large, gloomy inner hallway, a cramped and dark kitchen, awkward bathrooms, and an unattractive staircase obscuring the hallway window. 

Upstairs, you had to navigate around a cumbersome cistern and duck under a fixed ladder to the roof, which presented further challenges.

The Vision:

We aimed to transform this space into a light-filled, spacious, and inviting area ideal for entertaining.

Here are the changes I made: 

Living and Kitchen Area:

  • I proposed demolishing the wall between the kitchen and lounge, allowing natural light to permeate and create a stunning entertainment space.
  • By blocking the existing doorway and extending the kitchen into the hallway, we enhanced the kitchen’s functionality while maintaining a spacious inner lobby/hall.

Inner Hall and Staircase:

  • We redesigned the staircase to wind anti-clockwise, lowering its intersection with the window and significantly brightening the hallway.
  • By adjusting the bathroom layout, we added a second window to the hallway, enhancing light and creating an illusion of more space in the bathroom.

Surprise Discovery: 

While removing the old staircase, we uncovered a hidden gem: an original staircase beneath the floor, a relic from the building’s pre-flat conversion days. Though it stopped four steps down, we converted it into a cellar hatch, providing practical storage space.

Upstairs Optimisations:

  • Relocation of the cylinder.
  • Moved the angular portion of the bathroom
  • Repurposed the landing area for additional storage, simultaneously brightening and enlarging the bathroom. 
  • Moved the access to the roof closer to the bedroom with a retractable ladder.
  • Built-in units were installed for the cylinder, and low-level storage beneath the window doubled as a bookcase and ottoman.

The transformation was a resounding success. The clients have hosted numerous family and business events in their revamped space. The kitchen, a centrepiece of the renovation, has gained recognition on Houzz for its exemplary U-shaped design.

This project highlights the potential of thoughtful design in unlocking the charm and functionality of a space. By reimagining and restructuring each area, we transformed a once-dreary apartment into a bright, welcoming, and versatile home perfect for business and family life.

If you own a property that needs to be redesigned to optimise space, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

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