Kent Hotel Bedrooms Makeover

Location: Kent

Constructed in the late Georgian era with an Italianate flair, this suburban villa, dating back to 1801, stands as a testament to classic architecture.

I had the opportunity to assess the bedrooms for refurbishment within the hotel’s most historic section. The existing decor was quite dated and very tired, but the key problem was that some rooms were of different sizes and shapes, were very difficult to navigate, and all of them felt cramped due to the positioning of the furniture.

After an assessment, I made several changes to the design and layout of the rooms. My goal was to create a room that their patrons loved, with a boutique hotel feel, a nod to the heritage, and, crucially, to enhance the spaciousness and functionality.

Before After

Redesigned Room Layout

By reconfiguring the bedroom layout and moving the furniture, we incorporated hospitality zones equipped with fridges and safes to enhance guest comfort and security.

I selected furniture for its classic style but kept it simple. The furniture was finished with a spray paint technique to brighten the rooms. This enhanced the feeling of space.

Before After

Enhance Spaciousness & Functionality

The existing TV units occupied considerable space, and the TVs were small. Installing larger, wall-mounted models freed up valuable floor space and modernised the room’s entertainment options.

Repositioning the lighting fixtures to sit above the bedside tables allowed for larger headboards, adding a luxurious and spacious feel to the bedroom.

I removed the damaged dado rails, which were not original from previous renovations, and replaced them with picture rails, which would have been where the original ones were situated. Painting above the picture rail brightened the darker rooms and drew attention to the impressive ceiling heights.

I replaced the outdated and bulky radiators with smaller, more energy-efficient units, subtly integrating them into the room to enhance space and comfort.

In summary, this project focused on updating layouts to include hospitality zones, modernising with wall-mounted TVs, optimising light, and streamlining design elements like dado rails and radiators.

These updates seamlessly blended the elegance of traditional design with practicality, guaranteeing an experience of luxury and spaciousness for guests.

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“Wow! High standard of quality.”

The Board of Directors