Show Flat – Grace Court, Mottingham

Location: Mottingham

Property Type: 2 Bed Show Flat

A new development of 10 flats, finished to a high standard.

Due to the view from the flat overlooking some garages and an alleyway, the estate agent advised the developer staged this particular flat.

Following our initial site visit, we wanted to block the view but not the light into the property. The roller blinds achieve this by adding a level of privacy whilst simultaneously hiding the view.

The lovely two-tone contemporary wood furniture and large sofa add a welcoming, less formal feel, while lovely accent pieces like the occasional chair and lamps add a clean-cut edge, with a splash of blue to add some interest.

The flats retain a high level of luxury and opulence with the textures and quality of each item.

From acceptance to completion the project took just 10 days, and 8 out of 10 flats were sold on launch day.