How To Elevate Your Living Experience and Increase Property Value Simultaneously

This exciting project in Ramsgate, Kent, focused on turning a piece of land at the rear of a corner plot into two luxurious 4-bedroom detached houses. 

For this project, I teamed up with my business partner, Craig Shields, under our joint company, Link ID Ltd, a property development and investment company.

The original plans had potential but were a bit basic, but we knew we could enhance the layout to maximise space and create a more inviting atmosphere.

Initial Assessment:

Our initial assessment of the plans revealed a few key areas needing improvement:

  • The outdated double doors from the lounge to the kitchen restricted furniture placement.
  • The lounge was awkwardly long and narrow.
  • The cramped lobby and unnecessarily large inner hall seemed impractical.
  • The lack of space for essential utilities like the heating system and fuse board.
  • Upstairs, the oversized landing took away valuable space from the bedrooms and bathroom.
  • The bedrooms felt boxy and uninspiring, with inadequate storage.
  • The master bedroom’s layout, particularly the ensuite’s position, was inefficient.

Our Creative Solutions:

Utilising our extensive experience in property design, refurbishment and redevelopment, we made the following changes: 

Redesigned The Ground Floor:

  • We cleverly reconfigured the hallway, taking space from the living room and study, to create a more spacious feel as you walk in.
  • The wasted area in the inner hallway allowed for the cloakroom to relocate under the stairs.
  • Moving the cloakroom made room for a much-needed utility room.
  • Changing the lounge door to a single one  and moving it towards the front door opened the living room for a more functional seating area for a large family space.
  • The kitchen was redesigned to include a dining area near the bifold doors and a comfortable seating area.

Optimising the Upper Floor:

  • We rearranged the landing, allowing for the balanced placement of bedroom doors and built-in wardrobes in bedroom 3.
  • We enlarged bedrooms 1 and 2, and the bathroom layout was revamped for practicality and comfort.
  • In the master bedroom, we created a hotel suite experience with a partition wall, adding an ensuite and a walk-in wardrobe area.

Impact on Property Value:

Our redesign elevated the living experience and significantly increased the property’s value. From an original Gross Development Value (GDV) of £485,000 per property, the houses were valued at £585,000 each upon completion – a remarkable 21% increase, even in a less favourable market.

This project is a testament to how thoughtful design and strategic space utilisation can dramatically enhance property value and livability. We transformed standard plans into bespoke homes that promise a luxurious living experience, proving that with creativity and expertise, even the most basic layouts can be elevated to new heights of elegance and functionality.

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