Unlocking Property Potential Through Space Optimisation

Space and functionality are key with any family home, especially in older properties like Victorian houses.

I had the pleasure of working with a family who lived in a Victorian family house that had a unique basement space that held immense potential but needed to be re-designed to suit their lifestyle better.

The basement was a multi-functional area with its own set of challenges. It was configured as follows:

  • As you descended the stairs, you’d find yourself in a hallway.
  • To the left, there was a window under the stairs, a coat rack on the wall leading to the cloakroom, and a door into the cloakroom itself.
  • On the right side of the stairs, a door led to a cupboard area with a lowered ceiling halfway in. This space served partly as a utility area and partly for storage.
  • Straight ahead from the stairs was the door to the dining area of the kitchen diner, featuring a delightful bay window in the dining room and charming double doors that opened into the garden.
  • The kitchen had an original fireplace with built-in units on each side, an island in the middle, and a run of units on the opposite wall.

I had to completely reimagine their space to unlock the property’s full potential. This is how I did it:

Identify The Problems

Upon my arrival, it was clear that this bustling family was not able to utilise the space effectively due to the layout.

Mr. W. was busy prepping dinner, marinating meat, and chopping vegetables. Meanwhile, the children assembled their lunchbox snacks and drinks, and Mrs. W. kindly offered me a cup of tea.

While these were typical family activities, they were all crammed into a one-meter kitchen area. Everyone was on top of each other, patiently waiting for their turn to move around.

The kitchen was congested on one side. It was a frustrating way to live, and they knew they needed a change.

Thinking Outside the Box

The W family had already consulted with three kitchen designers from well-known companies, but all had suggested layouts that replicated their existing space. It was clear that they needed a fresh perspective.

I asked if they were open to exploring three different layout options, each with varying levels of renovation work and cost. They eagerly agreed.

After careful consideration and discussing their hopes and dreams with them, I presented three layout options that reimagined the use of their basement space. The floor plans below show the comparisons:

Creative Solutions

The end result was a kitchen, dining, and living area that the W family loved. They were thrilled with my problem-solving skills, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative solutions. I transformed their space into a happy family environment that was perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

In conclusion, this basement renovation project exemplifies how innovative design thinking can turn a cramped space into a functional, spacious, and joyful area for family life.

It’s a reminder that sometimes, it takes a fresh perspective to unlock the true potential of a property.

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